The business development team, traditionally within the sales department of most organizations, is further removed from having a real “home” than ever before. Those sales development reps — those “phones-to-the-ear” lions who drive your sales organization — need a home. But where is it?

A trend is happening right before us across the landscape of this business development/lead gen function. It is starting to bleed into the marketing department. Is that the right move? But, aren’t they salespeople?

The Answer

The truth is, there is no real science as to who should own the SDR team. …

Inbound vs Outbound Sales

At its core, sales in and of itself is really quite simple.

People, businesses, employees, and/or teams out there in the world have problems and need resolutions.

If your product or service can be the resolution to that pain then you have yourself a sale. But, there is one core difference in the path at which people become aware of the value that your product or service provides — enter the world of inbound and outbound sales.

Inbound and outbound sales are simply two different strategies within the sales plan. They are step brothers.

Both require the same core sales…

Say what you will about “the pit” in The Wolf of Wall Street or the The Boiler Room — they are classic examples of Inside Sales.

However, I doubt there are too many people in Hollywood with deep sales experience, so you naturally are given the facade of what inside sales “looks” like.

Truth is — behind all the ringing bells, dialing phones, and grinding sales reps of any Inside Team worth its weight is an inside sales process that is ironclad, trained, managed, and revered as law.

Why is an Inside Sales Process Necessary

Your inside sales people are typically the first human touch that a…

Nothing is what it used to be — not society, not technology, not business. As entrepreneurs, we are in the dawn of a new era, where old thoughts and practices are constantly being replaced by bigger, better, and more innovative ones. You can see it happening everywhere, in every industry, in almost every part of the world. And it couldn’t be more obvious than in the world of sales.

Sure, the practice of buying and selling is literally ancient, but it is also an art that requires constant reinvention. Why? Because things and people change. And when they do, we…

A couple years ago, in the middle of the Colorado River, I learned one of the greatest sales and business lessons of my life. If you’ve ever been on rapids before, you understand how serious it can get at times. In the parts of the river that get to class 5 and 6, it is no joke — people die every year doing this pastime.

The group I was with was filled with white water rookies. None of us had been before. As we approached the first set of major rapids ahead, the whole crew got real serious as we…

I recently had a great chat with my good friend and mentor Kirby Steil, the VP of Sales at Insight Global, one of the largest and fastest growing staffing companies in the world. Kirby is a beast at transforming organizations using the only approach that actually works to transform organizations — creating, maintaining, and directing culture. In this article, I’ll share Kirby’s insights on

  • How to fix a broken culture
  • How to define culture from the top down
  • Best practices for keeping attrition low
  • How to know why an organization is or isn’t successful and what to do about it

Everyone stands on the shoulders of the people around them that have shared their wisdom, guidance, and care as we develop.

I’m no different, and neither is my mentor, Chris Dale, a man who has built and scaled dozens of successful sales teams in the IT staffing world. In this article, I’m going to share the principles and tactics I learned from Chris about

• How to quickly identify the intangibles in a sales hire

• A trick to find out if your sales candidate is motivated or not

• The difference between motivation and inspiration and why you should…

You can pick up and read just about any sales book in the world to learn all of the greatest tips and tricks about generating great leads, filling your pipeline, increasing your closing ratio, or developing a great sales process. However, rarely do we hear much talked about when it comes to the absolute most important piece of the sales puzzle — the people you hire.

Without a world class team of salespeople driving that brilliant sales process you created, you just can’t and won’t win. But, beware of one of the biggest mistakes that I see in today’s sales…

When I was a young sales person I met face to face with my Sales Manager every single Monday morning. We talked about my sales metrics from the previous week, he double checked my documentation in the CRM, we talked about this week’s plan, and he gave me feedback on where I can improve. Most importantly, he asked me where I needed help.

Because I knew Monday morning was coming and good old Kirby (that was my first manager’s name) was going to be in my kitchen, it really helped give me that extra accountability I needed to make sure…

I used to look at my Sales Team and then stress myself out, wondering what I could be doing better to keep them motivated. I used to lose sleep over it. Then I learned a golden rule that changed everything for me. In turn, my hiring improved, sales activity improved, and sales were on the rise in a dramatic fashion. The golden rule:


The day I learned and fully understood that human beings cannot be motivated was one of the best days of my life. A weight was lifted off my shoulders. I didn’t have to lay in bed anymore…

Josh Mastel

Founder, CEO of UpRoar Partners, Speaker, Millennial Maven, Golden Retriever Father, Author (Dec 2018), and Life Enthusiast!

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